Group Sales in the post pandemic world

A Virtual Conference with leading airline revenue management professionals, ushering in a new era for group sales.

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Join us on 14th December 2021 at 11:30 AM IST to redefine airline group sales.

Game-changing itinerary for revenue managers

Panel Discussion with Industry Experts Specializing in Group Sales
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CEOs on the way forward for airline group revenue management
Conversation with
Revenue Management Insiders on how AI will Save the Day
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Panelists on how GroupRM will Help Fuel Airline Recovery

What’s in store for you?

Join us for 3 uninterrupted hours of expert insight on how airlines can maximize their revenue from group booking requests. A major takeaway from the virtual conference will be how your airline can leverage an Artificial Intelligence-based revenue management solution to engage optimally with group booking requests through dynamic prices and personalized offerings in the booking channel that the customers prefer.
The session will also cover how you can be transparent with group booking quotes and offer competitive pricing that will have retail customers and travel agents flocking to you. Another area the session will dwell on is customer retention—how you can build a rapport with existing customers and bring in consistent revenue.

Meet the speakers

Ananth Narasimhan (CEO)

Infiniti Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

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And join with 50+ industry expert on 14th Dec 2021


GroupRM, the flagship product of Infiniti Software Solutions, is an AI-powered group revenue management solution for airlines. Major airlines worldwide rely on it to provide customers with a seamless group booking experience, derive the maximum value possible from each group booking from tourists and corporates, and provide exceptional support until they board the flight.
Revenue managers, airline sales staff, and pretty much anyone interested in maximizing their airline’s group booking revenue can attend.
Register here to attend. If you are interested in being a panelist, register here.
We will mail you the link to join the live virtual conference instantly after registration.
GroupRM customers can understand how they can implement the solution better in the coming years, especially if there is another pandemic-like situation for maximizing revenue and delighting group travelers.
The virtual conference is from 11:30 AM on 14th December 2021.
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