Group requester

Provides customized group request form for the different types of group requesters like direct customers, travel agents, corporate travel managers, airline sales force and group desk analysts.

Group negotiator

Gives users and group desk analysts the power to negotiate through an online interface that makes the process easy, quick and transparent.

Group evaluator

Quotes the correct group fare based on historical behavior of the groups, pre-set algorithm, load factor and competitor's fare.

Policy enforcement

Customizes the terms and conditions for group traffic of flights, which fly to different countries having varied booking and cancellation policies.

Group follow-up

Once the customer accepts the group quote, system sends continuous alerts for payment and passenger name update based on set time limits.

Email settings

Makes hassle free for airlines group desk to track, send, respond, categorize and view mails according to various natures and types.

Sales force

Allows the salesperson of the airline to track bookings made by various group requesters of their respective territory.

Multiple payment

Based on the airlines requirement, multiple payment modes can be integrated.

Group tracking

Predicts and monitors the behavior of groups from the request time to the departure time.

Auto pilot policy

Enables policy setting by the airlines to define the type of request that has to be auto responded with a quote.

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