How Airlines Can Increase Group Revenue by 28%: A Must-Have Guide for Revenue Managers

"Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them."

Who we are

About us

Established in 2005, our endeavour is to create world class travel technology solutions. We want to simplify the lives of our partners by constant innovation and dedication. We love working with like minded people who share the same passion for travel and change. We empower various sector of the industry like airlines, travel agencies, corporates and SMEs.
We believe in building strong partnership with our customers to ensure that we are able to deliver a robust and cost efficient solution to them. The ability of us to identify the pain point of our customers and provide customizable solution, has made us a pathbreaker travel technology company.
We take pride to have an opportunity to serve more than 230 clients including major airlines, corporates and travel agencies across the world. Today team Infiniti is spread across four locations in India with over 250 highly motivated and experienced travel technology specialist, supporting our vision and customers.

Our culture

We have a diverse workforce of more than 150 travel technology specialists, who believe every imagination can be turned into a reality. We treat our employees as partners in growth, helping them to unleash their potential and discovering what they love.
Our culture promotes creative thinking and freedom to employees, which makes Infiniti as one of the best place to work. The passion and determination of our employees to make a difference, helped us rise this far in the travel industry.

Our products

We provide innovative solutions according to the needs of our clients. Other than airline group revenue management solution, we have proved our expertise in business travel and expense management solution for big corporates and SMEs.
AgencyAuto is an innovative solution helping travel agents to effectively increase agency revenue and reduce costs by automating the entire process and making it user-friendly for the users. The system also provides a self-service interface to the corporates, thus reducing the cost of client servicing for the travel agency.
Atyourprice is a robust web based business travel solution that automates travel planning, requisition, approval, fulfillment, invoicing, reporting and duty of care. Automation brings exponential savings to business travel programs and also makes the travel procurement process more operationally efficient.
An easy to use business travel & expense management solution that helps automate travel booking, expense claims, approvals, settlement and tracking of all expenses using a single web based interface.
CrAFT is an intuitive and highly effective revenue management solution based on accurate forecasting for airlines, devised by our experts who have decades of experience with designing successful revenue management systems and processes for several international airlines.
SME Tool is an innovative solution that helps airlines effectively manage SME bookings. The Tool integrates with the airline reservation systems and acts as a self-booking solution to the SMEs. It aids in increasing sales by enabling SMEs to self-register and book tickets online with multiple payment options.
An innovative solution that helps airlines to effectively manage customer complaints,feedback and queries. It integrates with the airline website and acts as a CRM system.

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