Discover the unique advantages that make GroupRM stand out in the industry and the multitude of benefits it offers to airlines
How GroupRM Stands Out?

Benefits of GroupRM for Airlines

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Full Control Over Group Bookings

Get streamlined group booking operations with an all-in-single user-friendly interface where it can allow you anything from start to end.

Reduce Turnaround Time

Respond quickly with automated group requests reducing time and ensuring satisfied customers with faster quote delivery.

Confident Decision Making

Detailed reports provide quick and accurate insights for the revenue management team, enabling confident decision-making and performance assessment.

Compliance With Group Policies

Customizable policy settings allow airlines to set different booking and cancellation policies based on regions or countries, ensuring compliance and avoiding revenue loss.

Ensures Best Customer Experience

Faster processing, transparent pricing, and efficient communication enhance customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Increase Productivity

GroupRM automates pricing options and sends reminders for payment and name lists, reducing non-revenue generating tasks and increasing productivity for group desk teams.

Enhance Airline Revenue

Maximize revenue through personalized discounts and automated price optimization based on various factors. Systematic follow-up for payments is added to avoid revenue leakage.

Adopt the Best Pricing Strategy

GroupRM allows the teams to set flexible pricing strategies that include multiple discounts, special group fares, and competitor-based pricing for different groups.

Unlocking the Benefits of GroupRM for Different User Roles

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For Airline Revenue Managers

GroupRM encompasses dynamic pricing, intelligent business intelligence, and personalized pricing options to optimize revenue, maximize yield, and identify revenue leakage.
  • Services / Exception handling
  • Follow-up on time limits
  • Modify request on behalf of agent
  • Adding travel agents
  • Updating T&Cs
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For Sales Group Desk

GroupRM empowers group sales desks with streamlined operations, automation, and personalized pricing, enhancing efficiency and customer service.
  • Processing Requests
  • Settings of fares
  • Timeline settings
  • Responding to help desk issues
Wheel Symbol On a Desktop Representing GroupRM's Backend Operations

For Back-End Operations

Back-end teams will now have enhanced control, streamlined processes, and efficient management of group bookings, resulting in increased productivity and improved decision-making capabilities.
  • Agency & User Mgmt
  • Setup policies
  • Global Settings

Why is GroupRM the RIGHT group booking revenue management solution for your airline?

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