How Airlines Can Increase Group Revenue by 28%: A Must-Have Guide for Revenue Managers

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."


Manage group booking

Through a single, easy to use, web based interface, airline can accept and manage requests, decide the fare, negotiate, ticket and track the group request. It also allows airline to cross-sell ancillaries, provide multiple payment options and send ticket information through mail or SMS to users.

Reduce turnaround time of group booking

Most of the airline process group request manually with the help of group desk and revenue management team. It may take days or weeks to quote a price and this delay in the process, results in customer drop out. With GroupRM, airline can respond quickly to group request to reduce the overall turnaround time and thereby have happy satisfied customers.

Adopt the best pricing strategy

GroupRM provides the complete guidance and control required to set up the best pricing strategies that are both flexible and standardized. Airline can define multiple discounts, special group fares, competitors pricing based fares to various groups depending on different parameters.

Enhance airline revenue

GroupRM enables airline to selectively provide discounts, run sales campaigns, automate and optimize price based on high and low demand. Revenue leakage is avoided by systematic follow up for confirmation and payment.

Increase productivity

GroupRM automatically provides the available options and best pricing based on the set rules to the requester. It also enables airline to send reminder mails to the requester for payment and name list thereby reducing the time spent by group desk on non-revenue generating tasks.

Confident decision making

GroupRM provides detailed reports, which enables airline revenue management team to take quick and accurate decision with confidence. The customized reports provides information on the effectiveness of group booking, behaviour of different groups and performance of group desk.

Compliance of group policies

Different countries have diverse policies, non-compliance of policies by airline results to revenue spoilage. The customizable policy settings enables airline to set up different booking and cancellation policies for group booking based on regions or countries.

Provide best customer experience

Long delays in processing group booking request leads to loss of customers. GroupRM allows customers, travel agencies and sales team to book directly through the system. Transparent pricing and policies, reduction in service time, better communication will help airline revenue management team to provide best customer experience.

Seamless integration with airline reservation system

GroupRM provides seamless integration with airline reservation system. Airline would enjoy the benefits of GroupRM with smooth flow of data and work more efficiently than before.

Customize to the needs

Needs of airline vary from one another, as a result GroupRM has been made highly customizable adapting to specific requirements. Airline can set various request fields and pricing options for group booking.

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