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Volaris Picks GroupRM For Superior Group Booking Experience

The ultra-low-cost airline’s choice of GroupRM to automate their group revenue management will undoubtedly lead to boosted revenue and customer experience.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – March 23, 2021 — Volaris, a Mexican airline known for its affordability, has partnered with Infiniti Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, a pioneering travel and business management technology company, to increase revenue and operational efficiency. This is set to be achieved by Volaris’ adoption of GroupRM, the flagship product of Infiniti that guarantees effective group traffic control.

The reputation of Volaris as a budget airliner has grown in recent years, leading to an increase in passengers from and around Mexico, which is its target market. It is to cater to this audience and boost its bottom-line through dynamic and personalized pricing that Volaris has opted for the implementation of GroupRM.

Mr. Ananth Narasimhan, the CEO of Infiniti, who was pleased with the development, said, “Volaris has made the right decision for this digital age. Choosing to make their group revenue management more agile will pay off in the long run. “ COO of Volaris, Jose Luis Suarez, echoed Infiniti CEO’s optimism, saying, “We hope the implementation of GroupRM makes our customers’ lives easier and helps us with revenue optimization.”

High Growth Potential

Around the world, COVID-19 is slowly getting under control thanks to safety precautions and vaccination drives. Consequently, the travel industry is predicted to reach its pre-pandemic heights in no time. Given this reality, GroupRM will be invaluable to airlines eager to capitalize on the new wave of travelers seeking to put the lockdowns and travel restrictions behind them.

High Growth Potential

About Infiniti

Infiniti Software Solutions is an India-based travel and aviation technology solutions company. It has set its sights on helping businesses all over the globe adapt to the rising demand for digitalization. Over the years, Infiniti has amassed over 300 clients, including major airlines, travel agents, and corporates.

About Volaris

Volaris is the ultra-low-cost airline in Mexico that caters to both domestic and international passengers, especially serving the VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives) market. With 40% of Mexico’s domestic market share and161 routes, it is the largest airline in the country.

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