automated Solution Helps Airlines Manage Group Bookings Profitably

Today’s tech-savvy passengers would like to search and book their flight tickets from the airline websites or other online portals. The process of online booking is very easy, less time consuming and provide ample options to passengers for searching flights, feeding their details and making payments to book their flights. But the scenario is entirely different in group bookings for more than nine customers.

As usual the group passengers expect for a negotiation in the fare and prompt responses from an airline when they approach that airline for group booking. And, this the most challenging task for the airline to handle.

Most of the airlines follow the manual process of handling the group traffic due to the non-availability of proper web base automated solution for group bookings. The airline group desk need to consider lots of factors to evaluate and quote the group booking fare, which demands a lot of time and resources. After determining the fare also the airline group desk need to contact the passengers through phone, emails or travel agents for the final negotiation and booking. That makes group booking a lengthy, time consuming and complicated process.

By the time customers may get the lesser quotation from the other competing airlines. And if the consumers choose to fly with any of the competing airlines then the first airline in the process of negotiation lose the potential revenue and passengers. The whole hard work and process followed by the group desk of the airline up to that time turns into a complete waste.

But now this problem can be eliminated by the airlines, by adopting Group Revenue Management Solution. It brings a high level of automation in the airlines’ existing group revenue management system enabling airline group analysts to better manage the group traffic and optimize group sales.

Automated group Revenue management solution enables the customers to directly request for the fare with which they want to book the airline tickets for the group of more than nine passengers, from the airline website itself. Simultaneously, it helps the airline group desk to monitor incoming group request, evaluate them and determine the appropriate fare by processing the request in multilevel automated matrix system and respond back to the customer within very less time period. Other SSR services can also be managed through the automated solution that does nothing but maximizes the revenue of the airline.

Thus, it results in reducing the risk of other airlines approaching the customers and vice-verse for group booking. Moreover, as per the general trend customers become happy with the prompt responses and like to do repeat bookings with the airline in the future.

Overall, integration of automated revenue management solution with the existing revenue management process of airline makes the group booking a happy and error free process for the customers and revenue generator for the airline.

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