What Are The Common Issues Faced By Airlines Concerning Group Bookings?

• Manual & inefficient process of requesting group quote
Customers typically must call the sales desk or email the airline and wait for days—sometimes weeks—to receive a quote. This delay costs airlines 4 out of every five customers, who pick the airline with the fastest quote.

• Lack of personalization
Manual group booking inconveniences groups that need any level of personalization. Every little detail must be emailed/ conveyed via call. The response time for manually negotiating fares and personalizing the group travel experience, with different meal options, etc., is a huge dealbreaker for most customers.’

• Lack of price transparency
When the quote is generated, the customer may find that the price per ticket has changed since they inquired, leaving them unsatisfied with the booking process.

• Inability to track and manage group requests effectively
Most importantly, the airline loses a ton of revenue over time because they need an efficient way of tracking group booking requests and following up with them to negotiate, make payments, update PNR, etc.

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