MICE Automation: A growing opportunity for Airlines

“Even as everyone prophesied that the rise of digital would do away with face to face business, precisely the opposite is happening now. The value of in-person meetings are rising, and the need is only getting bigger and bigger, much to the delight of the travel industry.”

Just scroll down your LinkedIn feed, and be astounded by the endorsements of countless conferences happening around the world. Surprisingly, the more people are getting plugged-in through the world wide web, the more the hunger is to have face-to-face interaction. Knowledge and doing business are no more confined to a particular tribe. MICE (Meeting Incentive, Conference, Exhibition) give people from diverse geographical locations the opportunity to connect, share and learn. But for corporates, event managers, TMCs managing travel for such large events are complex and labor intensive.

The role of Airlines

MICE industry is booming! But MICE planners are struggling to find an efficient way to manage such large scale movements of people across geographies. Airlines can make things easier by providing a platform that enables MICE group booking. This allows airlines to attract event planners to their website directly and hence reduce distribution and servicing costs.

How can airlines make conference group booking a breeze?

Though MICE is a profitable segment, the conference group request is a challenging process for the airline’s group desk. This is because airlines follow a manual process which is operationally inefficient leading to high turnaround time and error prone. However, with technology airlines can overcome the hurdles faced by the group desk in their day-to-day operation.

Furthermore, the airlines can redefine their groups business by allowing less than ten passengers from every single origin to get access to group fares as long as the overall size of the group is above their group booking threshold.

The technology breakthrough

Airlines can fulfill conference group travel request effectively with a fully automated end-to-end solution. An airline group booking tool makes it easy for customers to raise travel request mentioning multiple sources and the destination. Once the system receives the request, it responds instantly with the ideal quote. This is possible as the system can automatically calculate the fare considering several pre-set conditions. Also, through a negotiation platform customers get an opportunity to negotiate group fares. Group bookings require timely reminders for payment and name list submission. Automatic follow-up increases the probability of conversion. Over and above for monitoring purpose, the system also keeps a record of all information and generates reports accordingly. For more understanding, let’s take a closer look at how technology can combat challenges.

Faster revenue accounting process

MICE booking involves multiple request ID generations for various PNRs. Details of their sector-wise revenue and payments received from time to time are recorded manually. A little alteration may result in a mismatch in the accounting process. A group booking tool generates a single request ID for all PNRs. This helps the reporting engine to auto capture the details and maintain accurate records of various financial transactions.

Gaining visibility and control

It is difficult for the airline’s group desk analysts to track the status of every MICE request and their resulting impact on the revenue. Group Desk analyst can get complete visibility on all transactions and easily identify violators. Airlines can now efficiently run reports to see the effectiveness of their group booking program.

Group Travel is growing exponentially, and airlines around the world are consistently trying to make group traffic management more efficient. A technology solution for groups provides automation and allows airlines to pursue newer markets and reduce cost. Worlds top airlines have already started tapping this lucrative segment. Is your airline ready to take the next big leap with MICE group booking?

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